Police Scotland – ‘Be Smart internet Safety Programme’

There is support available from Police Scotland around internet safety. This is open to organisations across Lothian. Please see the following message below from Police Scotland…

Our Cybercrime Prevention teams are based at Gartcosh, Edinburgh and Aberdeen working within Police Scotland’s Safer Communities department. We support our colleagues at local policing divisions around raising awareness and provide current preventions advice regarding online issue. Part of our work also involves working with partners to provide Prevention education programs including the Be Smart Internet Safety program, which covers Online safety, Child Sexual Exploitation, Cyber security to name a few. There is no cost involved, and the training can be delivered with assistance from either Safer Communities staff or via your local Community/School Liaison officers, which we can arrange.

We also work with a network of Web Ambassadors from partner organisations, aiming to train leaders/students/young in the above program which can be adapted to suit the target audience in various settings. This network is also updated on any emerging cyber threats/preventions advice, to share within their organisation. If you feel you or your colleagues would benefit from working with Police Scotland to raise awareness of online safety within your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by contacting us…


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