Consultation on Community Wealth Building Legislation

Published: April 28, 2023


Scottish Government’s consultation on Community Wealth Building (CWB) legislation closes to new responses on Tuesday 9th May.

Community Wealth Building is a people-centred approach to creating a more inclusive economy, designed to put the economic development of local communities in the hands of the people who live there. It does this by redirecting wealth back into the local economy, and places control and benefits into the hands of local people. (Source: CEIS.)

The CWB approach is centred around 5 pillars of activity:

  • Spending
  • Workforce
  • Land and Property
  • Inclusive Ownership
  • Finance

Scottish Government’s consultation focuses on proposed legislation, as part of its wider strategy to transform Scotland’s economy, which includes:

  • placing a legal duty on public bodies such as health authorities and local councils to use the economic levers they have (for example, in sourcing goods and services) to support the transformation of local and regional economies
  • promoting co-operative, social enterprise and employee-owned businesses to ensure that more wealth which is generated locally stays local
  • creating fair work opportunities for local people and those who face barriers to employment
  • ensuring land and property are used for the benefit of local communities, business and the environment

(Source: Scottish Government.)

They welcome a wide range of views on the changes required to grow local wealth and give communities a greater stake in the economy.

To submit your response, or for further information, please visit the Scottish Government consultation website.

Alternatively, for further information, please visit:

Or contact the Scottish Government CWB team by email:

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