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COVID-19 Recovery Committee – What questions would you like answered?

Published: October 18, 2021


COVID-19 Recovery Committee

The Committee was established in June 2021. It focuses on:

  • the Scottish Government’s response to COVID-19 and actions to recover from the pandemic
  • Government legislation introduced in response to the pandemic
  • legislation or policies aiming to help Scotland recover from the pandemic
  • how Government departments work together to respond and recover from the pandemic


A new opportunity has arisen to get involved in the work of Parliament by putting forward questions to support the COVID-19 Recovery Committee.

The Committee is scrutinising the Scottish Government’s response to the pandemic. It regularly takes evidence from its Ministers.

The Committee would like to know what questions you/your members have about the Scottish Government’s ongoing response to COVID-19. You can submit questions online at:

The committee will share the questions and likes or dislikes you submit with members of the Committee ahead of each meeting. Your responses may be used to inform the questions the Committee members ask Ministers.

The Committee are particularly interested in questions relating to:

We are aware that there can be challenges related to digital engagement. To ensure everyone has the opportunity to take part we have produced a Conversation Guide. This can be used to support face to face discussion about potential questions. Participants can then submit their questions in writing via the post.

You could also use the Conversation Guide to collect questions from a number of people. These questions could then be submitted using the website.

The deadline for issues to be considered for the next meeting is 23:59 on Thursday 21 October 2021, and the site will be open to submit questions on an ongoing basis until 2nd December 2021.

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