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Digital Accessibility Webinars

Published: September 24, 2021


Lead Scotland are hosting a series of webinars on Zoom commencing October 13th about accessibility in digital content. The webinars will examine the most common accessibility problems within digital content and instruct participants how to avoid these issues. These webinars are intended for people looking to improve their employability through enhancing their digital expertise. Many people are facing an uncertain employment future due to the impacts of COVID-19 and Scotland’s exit from the EU. By signing up for one or more of our one-hour interactive webinars, you can strengthen your confidence in the valuable transferable skills of accessible digital content creation.

Each webinar covers a single topic. The topics are:

  • Layout
  • Text format
  • Plain English
  • Colour and contrast
  • Mouse friendly navigation
  • Keyboard friendly navigation
  • Alt text
  • Complex images
  • Captions and transcripts
  • Forms

The webinars are hosted via Zoom and will make use of Google Jamboard. You do not need a Zoom account or Google account to participate, but you will need an email address and a reasonable internet connection. You can attend as many of the webinars as you would like, but you must register for each one individually.

There is more information about the webinars and details of how to register on our website. Please direct email enquiries to

If you would like to share this information with your networks via social media, please copy and paste the text below, and use the flyer and alt text provided. Thank you!

“Lead Scotland are hosting a series of free one-hour webinars for people looking to improve their employability through enhancing their skills in digital accessibility.

To sign up, go to:

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