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Donation of Beds

Published: December 10, 2021


As part of an ongoing Inter Province Community Care Initiative, Lodge Buchan St John from Broxburn has donated over £1 million in foodstuffs, toys, and clothes to a wide range of good causes across Scotland during the pandemic.

These donations have been made possible through business links from one of our Lodge Past Masters, Kevin Taggart. Kevin has worked tirelessly to ensure that all the items have been distributed to a wide range of organisations across all areas of Scotland, sharing with other Masonic Lodges, local charities and groups.

Kevin has now received a donation of 28 children’s beds, brand new and still boxed, and the retail price of these beds is approx. £160 each.

The beds were sold without a mattress and the slatted frame for the mattress, with the frame retailing separately for £30. A slatted frame to suit is available from IKEA we understand. The bed is shown in the picture below.

These beds are available to any group in Scotland, any quantity required, and we would appreciate if you could organise to collect the beds personally, if possible. The beds are currently in storage in the Eurocentral area just off the M8 motorway, handy for all central belt areas.

What we would ask is that we, Buchan St John, can publicise the distribution of the beds by sharing a
small news item outlining where the beds were destined, along with a picture of the recipients.

To secure your bed, please contact Kevin Taggart on 07725 889961.

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