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Charles Hayward Foundation



Fund status: Open
Amount: Up to £50,000
Who they fund: Organisations
Funding category: Community Benefit, Heritage, Older People

This Scheme makes grats avaiable to UK registered charities for prjects in the following catagories:

  • Heritage and Conservation
  • Social and Criminal justice
  • Overseas
  • Older People

it offers two grant programmes:

Small grants Scheme

Grants are available to organisations with a turnover of more than £350,000

Main Grants

Grants are avalable to organisations withe a turnover of more than £350,000

  • Heritage and conservation grants between £25,000 and £50,000 for a select number of one-off projects.
  • Social and Criminal Justice: grants of between £15,000 and £25,000 per annum for one to three years. up to £25,000 may be available for a pilot project, if it adresses complex problems in an innovative way and may lead to replication if proven effective.
  • Overseas: grants of up to £15,000 for one off projects

The Overseas grant programme makes grants to uk registerd charities which undertake projects in the commonwealth countries of africa. charities must have and income of between £150,000 and £5million.

applicants must state what other sources of funding have been sought and secured.

grants are paid on evidence of expenditure such as receipts or invocies for project grants, budgets and management accounts will be required.

funding is avalable for project cost and acpital expenditure and the foundation values projects that develop expand and replicate a tried and tested approach as well as supporting creative solutions to problems which seem to be entrenched and elude resolution. projects that are preventative and provide early intervention are valued and priority is given to projects that respond to a well researched and clear need, provide intervention based on evidence of what works, are to demonstrate value of money and have a clear understanding of short term effects and long term impact of the intervention they propose.

How to apply

Contact Charles Hayward Foundation using the details below

Phone number:
020 7370 7063

Web address:

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