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Edinburgh Airport Community Fund



Fund status: Open
Closing date: August 12, 2022

The Community Fund was established to ensure local communities benefit from Edinburgh Airport activities. It provides financial support to community groups and charities that are committed to improving the opportunities, facilities and services available to local people.

The fund will consider applications from Edinburgh, Falkirk, the Lothians and Fife that support and reflect material issues and deliverables contained within one or more of the four pillars of Edinburgh Airport’s Greater Good sustainability strategy:

  1. Zero Carbon
  2. Enhancing Scotland
  3. Scotland’s Best Business
  4. Trusted Neighbour

Priority will be given to proposals benefiting those living within the communities closest to the airport, or those most affected by aircraft noise and airport operations, and for initiatives relating to:

  • The mitigation against and reduction of the effects of a changing climate
  • The reduction of local environmental impacts
  • The enhancement of local business, community groups and long-term sustainable partnerships in the airport’s surrounding area
  • Improving healthy working lives and increase upskilling and employment opportunities for socially and economically deprived and disadvantaged persons
  • Improving care, opportunity, provide shelter and enable rehabilitation of vulnerable groups in the community.

How to apply

Contact Edinburgh Airport Community Fund using the details below

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