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Participatory Budgeting for Halfway and the Caledonian Circuit



Fund status: Open
Amount: Up to £5,000
Who they fund: Organisations
Funding category: Children and Young People, Community Benefit, Environmental/Agriculture, Health, Housing, Older People

A total of £20,000 is available for each area to resource a range of great ideas that make a positive and visible difference to your local area / neighbourhood. Your idea must meet at least one of the priorities identified in your local action plan and be led by or involve the community.


These may include:

•Community events

•Activities for adults (like dance, cooking or fitness classes etc)

•Activities that enhance community pride

•Environmental improvements

•Services and activities for children and young people

•Activities for seniors

•…and much more!


How much can you ask for?

Individual grants of up to £2,000 (exceptionally £3,000) will be available for initiatives that meet the eligibility criteria and also achieve the required levels of support / votes from the local community. This will be achieved through our online voting platform set up on facebook.​



Once your project application has been assessed and posted on the relevant facebook page, it is up to you to get enough likes to successfully get the monies.

The amount of likes you need to get depends on how much you have applied for:

£500             75 likes

£1,000          150 likes

£1,500           250 likes

£2,000           350 likes

£3,000           500 likes

REMEMBER –  it is your responsibility to get the likes required and it is the ORIGINAL project post on the Caledonian Circuit  and Overton, Halfway facebook pages that must be liked (likes of shared posts etc can NOT be counted).

How to apply

Contact Participatory Budgeting for Halfway and the Caledonian Circuit using the details below

Phone number:

Email address:

Web address:

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