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The Climate Action Fund



Fund status: Closed
Amount: Not Specified
Who they fund: Charities, Organisations
Funding category: Environmental/Agriculture

The Climate Action Fund will support communities in the UK to take local action on climate change.

These communities will stand as beacons of what is possible when people take the lead on climate change. With our support, they will share their learning and engage with others to build a broader movement of change across the UK.

We will support community-led, local partnerships that will drive change not only within but also beyond their community, to:

  • Reduce their carbon footprint sustainably
  • Increase participation in community-led climate action.

Currently, we are gathering information about what local community-led climate action projects are already happening or being developed across the UK.


How to apply

Contact The Climate Action Fund using the details below

Phone number:
0300 123 7110

Email address:

Web address:

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