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Tudor Trust



Fund status: Open
Amount: Not Specified
Who they fund: Organisations
Funding category: Community Benefit

Tudor doesn’t have specific funding programmes. Our focus is on smaller forward-looking groups, led by capable and committed people. Some of the other characteristics we are looking for include:

  • Organisations working directly with people who are at the margins of society
  • A focus on building stronger communities by overcoming isolation and fragmentation and encouraging inclusion, connection and integration
  • Organisations which are embedded in and have developed out of their community – whether the local area or a ‘community of interest’
  • High levels of user involvement, and an emphasis on self-help where this is appropriate
  • Work which addresses complex and multi-stranded problems in unusual or imaginative ways
  • Organisations which are thoughtful in their use of resources and which foster community resilience in the face of environmental, economic or social change

How to apply

Contact Tudor Trust using the details below

Phone number:
020 7727 8522

Web address:

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