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WM Mann Foundation



Fund status: Open
Amount: Not Specified
Who they fund: Charities Only
Funding category: Arts/Culture, Education/Learning

This scheme provides grants to charitable instutions, societies and foundations that are based in scotland or are serving the Scottish comunity in the fields of music arts education and care.

all requests for finacial assistance should be directed to and will be considered by the trustees.

payments are to charitable institutions societies foundations or other funds at the trustees discretion. in the main such charitable payments are to organisations based in scotland or serving the scotitish community and preference is given to charitable institutions headquarted and or active in the flasgow area.

preference is given to one-off support for special projects it is rare that support is given to the same charity for more than three years.

the trustees prefer to focus on smaller local charities where relatively modest donations can make a difference. a particular emphasis is given to charities which benefit young people.

assistance is not usually given to large international charities or for medical research scholarships and or bursaries are not given to indivuals

How to apply

Contact WM Mann Foundation using the details below

Phone number:
0141 248 4936

Email address:

Web address:

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