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Love to Ride – promoting cycling in West Lothian

Published: August 26, 2020

‘Love to Ride’ is a cycling project funded by West Lothian Council. The project is all about getting individuals and workplaces cycling more. They run an International year round programme for anyone to join. But, also their local project in West Lothian which includes the free workplace and organsaition challenge (Cycle September).

Anyone can sign up as an individual, then register or join a workplace, community or cycle group. This allows you to see everyone in your organisation. You can post photos, view your stats and earn badges and rewards. Love to Ride support throughout Cycle September by running tailored events to address barriers, Such as Bike Breakfasts, Dr Bike maintenance, skills and taster sessions (Covid Dependent).


Why should I be involved?
Cycling is great for organisations, it reduces stress, improves health, and relieves strain on parking infrastructure. Right now it’s just a great way to get out and about if you are working from home and need some fresh air. The ‘Love to Ride’ platform provides individuals with tailored information to help them overcome barriers. Information on local cycling infrastructure, bike shops and community groups. This is a great chance to get more people on bikes and to encourage cycling in West Lothian.

How do I get involved?
Please see the document below for more information. You can register by CLICKING HERE. You can then sign up your organisation and get others involved!

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