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New Lothian wellbeing website

Published: March 12, 2021


NHS Lothian has recently launched a new website for the public to help people better manage their wellbeing and mental health.  With it being more important than ever for people to look after themselves during these difficult times we sharing this with patients and the local community.

The Wellbeing Lothian website brings together a wide range of self-help guides, video and audio clips on topics ranging from diet and sleep to managing stress and anxiety. It also offers online courses such as computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

It has been designed by an expert team of NHS Lothian psychologists and practitioners. It aims to help the public navigate the wide range of online self-help advice by providing a hub of trusted information, based on what we know is effective.

The Wellbeing Lothian website

To access the website please visit You can navigate it by clicking on the different topic bubbles and boxes on the home page, using the drop-down menus or the search function, which also displays popular topics.  When you start exploring a topic you can also choose whether you want to learn, assess, manage or get more support about it.

There is a handy resources tab which lists all the self-help advice and guidance and a support section with links to relevant services and organisations in your local area and beyond.

Note: there are some display issues in certain browsers such as internet explorer however Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge should work fine.

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