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Published: November 11, 2020

Who we are
River Kids is a West Lothian based children’s charity, founded in 2005, with the sole purpose of supporting disadvantaged children, and their families.

​Here at River Kids we believe that no child should go without, and this is reflected in our new Vision: 

​“To support disadvantaged children and their respective families in West Lothian and the wider community.  River Kids will achieve this by providing those disadvantaged children with opportunities to reach their full potential.  This will be through educational, financial and emotional support.”
River Kids also runs the West Lothian Toy Appeal, which is now an all-year-round event (previously only being a Christmas event). We will now provide a gift on a child’s birthday as well as providing eggs at Easter time.
What we do

  • Provide employment opportunities – we will provide children with volunteering and employment opportunities to ensure they have the best start in life.


  • Provide financial support via grants – we will provide children with financial support (grants) to ensure they are not excluded from extra-curricular event.


  • Deliver the West Lothian Toy Appeal – we will provide toys throughout the year to children to ensure they do not go without on their birthday or at Christmas…


  • Provide a safe place for those in need – we will provide those who need it a safe place to come and get the support that they may need.

With an office in Livingston and a storage unit in Broxburn we currently have 3 full time staff, and the majority of our activities revolve around redistributing highly quality second-hand clothes and toys that have been donated by the public. These clothes and toys will then be passed on to those families referred to us from agencies such as social work, DASAT and the homeless unit.

​Moving into our 15th year, River Kids is going through a full relaunch.  We have recently incorporated (more details to be revealed in due course). We’ve moved into the 21st Century and will be making full use of Social Media and finally we’ll be building more relationships with other local charities and supporting more children than ever before.
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