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Org in the SPotlight – Safe Families

Published: September 16, 2020

  • Who?

Safe Families started in the UK in 2012 and we currently work with 35 local authorities. We have been in Edinburgh and the Lothians since 2015.

  • What?

Safe Families is a charity that believes no one should feel alone. We exist to create relationship and connection because we believe everyone deserves to belong.

    Support. Hope. Belonging.
    • Why?

    Facing life alone is hard, and when you feel there is no one there to support you it is a scary place to be. Therefore, at Safe Families we offer support, hope and belonging to improve the lives of those in our communities. We link children, young people and families with local volunteers who can offer them help and support.

    • How?

    Our volunteers are family friends, host families or resource friends. During COVID-19, we have also been recruiting connect friends. We come alongside children, parents and carers and support them in times of crisis and hardship.

    • You can make a difference…

    We are always looking for new volunteers who can support families that are referred to us. If you feel that you could support families in West Lothian, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out our online volunteer form at:

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