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(a) To relieve poverty through: 1. the promotion and encouragement of industrial and commercial activity and enterprise through the formation and development of community enterprises whose activities are directed towards the provision of paid employment or towards relief of need among poor people. A community enterprise means a business (howsoever constituted) determined as such by the Directors of the Company, subject always to such Regulations as may be prescribed by the Company in general meeting. 2. the making of grants or loans to community enterprises whose activities are directed towards the aims referred to in sub-paragraph 1 and the acquisition and holding of shares, stocks, and debentures and other interests in such community enterprises 3. the provision of managerial, supervisory and consultancy services to or in respect of such community enterprises 4. the provision of advice and assistance with regard to the establishment and operation of such community enterprises 5. the provision of training opportunities and 6. the promotion and implementation of schemes of community benefit of a charitable nature. (b) To carry on any other activity which may be advantageously carried on in connection with any of the objects of the company.

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