Knightsridge Adventure Project (The Vennie)


The mission of The Vennie is to offer access to a safe and friendly place and develop and promote a programme of activities, for young people enabling them to gain practical knowledge and information on health, education and employment. Vision Statement The vision of the Vennie is to open to all young people, particularly those hard to reach and vulnerable to negative destinations and exclusion and provide a positive alternative, a local catalyst to healthy social activities, education and employment opportunities that empower young people to recognise their talents and realise their potential Statement of Aims 1. To provide alternative and informal educational opportunities, for children and young people in Knightsridge and surrounding areas 2. To develop social and interpersonal skills, in children and young people in Knightsridge and surrounding areas 3. To provide information on, and promote awareness of, healthy lifestyles. 4. To offer a safe and comfortable environment where children and young people can have fun and participate in new learning experiences. Overall Intended Outcomes of the Project •Young people are better equipped to have a successful transition to adult life •Young people will be confident and successful individuals •Young people will stop or significantly reduce substance misuse and/or engagement in antisocial or offending behaviour •Young people are better prepared to enter training education or employment •Young people are better equipped to enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Contact details

Phone number:
The Vennie Knightsridge East Road
EH54 8RA

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