Murieston Environmental Group (MEG)

A Conservation service available in Livingston South.

The objectives of MEG are: – 1} 1) To advance environmental protection, improvement and education by: a. promoting awareness and participation in environmental protection activities that improve outdoor amenities in the area of benefit b. working with schools, young people’s groups and others to promote an awareness and recognition of the value of the local environment c. working with local communities, schools and others to develop an appreciation of responsibility for the local outdoor environment and biodiversity 2} To provide recreational facilities with the object of improving the conditions of life for those living in the area of benefit where such provision open to all members of the public by: a. managing projects that conserve and improve the outdoor amenities for wildlife and people b. promoting and encouraging use of the outdoor amenities of Murieston and the surrounding communities c. organising conservation and environmental activities for schools, young people’s groups, the local community and others where the main purpose is to improve the quality, provision. access and maintenance outdoor amenities d. encouraging community participation in planning, fundraising and other recreational improvement activities of the group

Contact details

Email address:
7 Lyon Drive Murieston
EH54 9HF

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