Prepare The Way Of The Lord School Of Prophetic Ministry

A Faith service available in Bathgate.

The Trustees shall hold and apply the sum of £1 paid by us to them and such other funds and assets as may from time to time be received by them as trustees under the Trust Deed (from us or any other person) and the assets in which any funds so received may from time to time be invested (such funds and assets from time to time held by the Trustees being referred to as the Trust Estate) in trust for the following purposes (the Trust Purposes) namely: to advance the Christian faith in accordance with the Statement of Beliefs appearing in Clause 7 hereto in Scotland and in such other parts of the United Kingdom or the world as the Trustees may from time to time think fit.

Contact details

Phone number:
01506 639399
Email address:
30, Russell Crescent
EH48 2GN

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