West Lothian Housing Partnership Limited


The objects for which the Company is established are wholly charitable (within the meaning and for the purposes of Section 505 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 or any statutory amendment, extension, modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force) and are to carry on for the benefit of the community in West Lothian or such larger or smaller area as the Company in general meeting may from time to time determine (the Area of Benefit) the following activities within the United Kingdom:- 3.1. Providing, constructing, improving or managing, or encouraging or facilitating the provision, construction, improvement or management of, affordable housing for persons in necessitous circumstances. 3.2 Providing, constructing, improving or managing for persons who are aged or infirm or disabled or handicapped (whether mentally or physically), and in need thereof, affordable housing and any associated amenities specially designed or adapted to meet the disabilities and requirements of such persons; and 3.3 Providing services of any description in arranging or carrying out works of maintenance, repair or improvement to their houses, and encouraging or facilitating the carrying out of such works for persons in necessitous circumstances who require those services.

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62 North Bridge Steer
EH38 4PP

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