Pinewood School Charity Fair

Published: January 10, 2023


Pinewood School is hosting a charity fair for young people who are taking part in the Youth & Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) on Tuesday, 31st January from 10am-11.30am.

The charity fair is to allow young people in Pinewood to meet with charities and understand the work they are doing to support people in their local community.

Charity Fair Details

There are 10 charity spaces available and will be offered on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to attend, please confirm your attendance to Scott Robbie from Pinewood School via email,

Pinewood School, 86 Elm Grove, Blackburn, Bathgate EH47 7QX

31st January 2023 from 10am-11.30am

What is YPI?

YPI is a programme that empowers young people to make a difference in their local communities while developing a range of skills.

Each participating school is responsible for directing a grant of £3000 to a local charity championed by its young people through teamwork, research, and competition. Since 2008, more than 270,000 young people have been responsible for granting £6 million to small grassroots charities.

A key element of YPI is charity engagement. Young people will identify social issues affecting their community and build relationships with charities that are addressing these issues. Schools will get in touch with charities by email or phone. There will likely be an interview or a visit to the charity to allow young people to build knowledge and gain a better understanding of the charity’s facts, figures and stories which brings their work to life. The young people will discuss with the charity the impact a £3000 grant would have in the local area.

Teams will present their findings which will include a business case for the £3000 grant and one team will be awarded the winner and will grant £3000 of unrestricted funding to their chosen charity.

To find out more about YPI visit

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