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Reminder to complete employability survey

Published: December 15, 2021


VSGWL are part of a consortium to carry out a consultation on behalf of West Lothian Council Employability Team, who are keen to understand how Third Sector organisations currently engage in and could engage in employability service.  April 2022 will see the introduction of No One Left Behind (phase 2) with employability funds being allocated to Local Authorities to deliver local employability services, previously covered by the Employability Fund and Community jobs Scotland, in partnership with Third Sector.

West Lothian Council would like to understand what training and employability services are being delivered by the Third Sector, hear about our ideas to improve employability services, explore options for working in partnership and identify what support Third Sector organisations require to enable to engage in this provision or increase/improve their current delivery.

Employability services include building confidence and developing skills of individuals, whilst moving them closer to or into work, activities might include, volunteering, work experience, training, qualifications, job search, CV support and employment support.  You may already engage in some of these activities but not consider them to be employability, they may be part of your core work or practice that has been developed over years and plays an important part of what your organisation now delivers.

Equally so, you may not currently deliver employability services,  thinking of doing so but not sure how to move this forward.

The council have committed £30,000 to this consultation and capacity building project.  We would like to hear from you to discuss further.  There are currently a few ways in which we are engaging with organisations:

  1. You can complete the survey –
  2. Contact Angela Moohan at The Larder who will arrange to have a zoom meeting to discuss your thoughts further – Angela 07861449259 or
  3. We would also be very grateful if you could  please share this information with your networks

This new policy agenda presents many challenges for current employability providers but equally so it presents many opportunities for them and for others who currently do not delivery employability.  Please consider how you can get involved and help us build a strong Third Sector response to this changing policy landscape.

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