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SCDC – Exploring participation request appeals

Published: May 6, 2022


We’re inviting community organisations, public bodies and other interested organisations and individuals to an online event on 11th May 2022, 9:30-2:30pm exploring how participation requests – a way that communities can request to work with public bodies to improve outcomes or services – could be supported by reviews or appeals. 

The purpose of this online event is to share our findings so far based on the deliberations of our working group. This group met twice in February 2022 and consisted of both community organisations with experience of making participation requests and public agencies who deal with participation requests. Draft findings have focused on principles behind an appeals mechanism and proposals for both local reviews and appeals to Ministers. There have also been draft proposals around improved practice guidance for participation requests and discussion regarding other forms of scrutiny.

This event will offer the chance to discuss these findings and also to further shape them before they are brought together and fed back to the Scottish Government.

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