Scottish Parliament Housing Panels – Tenants in the Private Rented Sector – invitation for individuals to apply to take part

Published: November 23, 2023


The Scottish Parliament is inviting tenants in the private rented sector to apply take part in a lived experience housing panels. The panels will work to share ideas and experiences, and make recommendations to Members of the Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee who will scrutinise proposals that the Scottish Government is making to change the laws relating to housing.

The private rented sector means housing owned by a private landlord not a housing association or local authority.

Information is attached above and to register interest people are invited to complete the short survey below.

The Committee want to hear from different people in different circumstances living in different parts of the country. To inform the selection criteria we have looked at research and data on the characteristics of private renters and landlords in Scotland. Parliament staff will recruit the panels from these responses using selection criteria.

Scottish Parliament Housing Panels Tenant Information

For those who would like to register to take part they can complete the survey by clicking on the link here.

The deadline to apply is 1 December.

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