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Support for people with M.E./CFS in Scotland

Published: August 16, 2022


Action for M.E. offer a wide range of information, support and services to people with M.E.


Action for M.E. can provide independent Advocacy for people with M.E. in Scotland. We offer support to advocate on issues and barriers that relate to a diagnosis of M.E. Advocacy supports people to express their own needs and make their own informed decisions.

We can support people to create a statement on how M.E. impacts their health and the adjustments needed to use services either in health or social care or other areas such as housing, education or work. We can help research options around an issue or a barrier related to M.E. and then support people to raise their voice about this issue with other professionals.

This service is free and independent, we operate via email, phone or video calls. We have an information pack about the service and people can complete a form to refer themselves or others to the service.

Learn about M.E.

M.E./CFS is a misunderstood and hidden illness. This means that it can be difficult to get the appropriate support to manage health and care needs. Learn about M.E. is a project designed to inform professional practice in health and social care around M.E./CFS. We are funded by the Scottish Government to promote a free, short, online training module on M.E./CFS for GPs and anyone working in a healthcare setting. There are also a series of podcast episodes that cover social care, Long Covid and the new NICE guideline on M.E./CFS, plus a webinar for staff working in Social Care and Social Work. We offer a template letter that can be adapted to be sent to any GP, OT or Physio with information on the training and the new NICE guideline on M.E./CFS.

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