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That Guy Campaign – Police Scotland

Published: November 24, 2022


THAT GUY is a campaign from Police Scotland that aims to reduce rape, serious sexual assault and harassment by having frank conversations with men about male sexual entitlement.

We want women to feel safer.

We want women to be free to live their lives without having to worry about what men say or do.

Women should be able to go about their daily lives without worrying about being sexually harassed, assaulted or raped. But for far too many women that’s not the case.

Men: We can make a real difference by taking a hard look at our attitudes and behaviour, at home, at work and socialising with our mates.

As men, we need to stop contributing to a culture that targets, minimises, demeans and brutalises women.

We need to talk openly to our male friends and relatives about behaviour that’s damaging to women and puts men at risk of offending.

So #DontBeThatGuy, join the conversation and help find better ways to be a man.


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