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The Larder Youth Open Day

Published: April 11, 2022



On the 5th of May 2022, The Larder West Lothian are inviting young people aged 15-24 to their Youth Open Day, in Kirkton House, Livingston. This event is set to gain insight on The Larder’s services from a youth perspective, as well as ensure that young people are effective contributors for the design and delivery of their current and future projects. This event will result in the creation of a Youth Board, who will have active contribution to The Larder’s development as well as the refresh and renew of The Larder’s Youth Engagement Strategy.

The Larder are an award-winning Social Enterprise, dedicated to the alleviation of poverty and for every person, regardless of their start in life, to reach their full potential, given the right time, space and support.  They do this through educational and work pathway support for people unable to identify their next step and work exclusively with those who face multiple and complex barriers.

The Larder’s services are needs-led and each individual trainee is empowered to develop their own support plans. They create a space for young people to become confident in themselves, in identifying their needs and in setting goals. They place a high value on their personal lived experience and recognise that each trainee is uniquely placed to understand their own circumstances and engineer their own solutions. It is for this reason that they are hosting this Open Day, to encourage young people to become active citizens, effective contributors and valued partners in decision making processes for projects that directly effect them.

Amanda Cowan, Youth Worker, The Larder said: “Young people have so much to offer. We need to be active to ensure that their voices are heard in the development and delivey of the services that matter to them most; it is not for us to make that decision for them”.

Angela Moohan, CEO, The Larder said: “Our exciting event is focused upon creating positive social change. Through the involvement of young people in the design of our services we can be confident we provide the most relevant opportunities, and support that young people need to reach their full potential. This event will provide us with the expertise and partnership of the young people within our community to help us fully understand what their needs are”

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To find out more about The Larder’s services, you can head to their social media pages @LarderTraining or their website

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