Accelerate 2024

Published: May 30, 2024


Accelerate is a support programme for the third sector and community organisations in Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government.

The programme is delivered by Community Enterprise and we are pleased to inform you that it is open again for applications for 2024.

The programme itself is FREE, with organisations being able to access up to 6 days of support, specific to their needs.

We hope that you are able to share this information across your membership so that as many of your members as possible are able to access the programme. We are keen that as many organisations across the country, irrespective of their location, are able to do so.

Included with this email are a series of links and attachments for you to use as you see fit in circulating amongst your membership.

Attachments include information to share on the programme via email, facebook, Instagram or twitter (X).

Links include further details on Accelerate (;
the Expression of Interest link (;
and a link to case studies from 2023 (

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