Bathgate – UK General Election – Key Information

Published: June 10, 2024


With the UK general election approaching, Bathgate is taking proactive measures to ensure the community is well-informed and ready to participate. The following key information aims to help residents prepare for the upcoming election on 4 July 2024.

Voter Registration and Voting Options

A comprehensive guide, “Get Ready to Vote in the UK General Election,” is available in a Word document. This essential document outlines critical dates for voter registration, which all voters must be aware of. It also provides detailed instructions on how to apply for a postal vote or proxy vote. Given the holiday period coinciding with the election, this information is particularly crucial.

National Entitlement Cards as Voter ID

An informative graphic from the Improvement Service highlights that National Entitlement Cards are acceptable forms of voter ID. This graphic is especially useful for young people and those who use a bus pass, ensuring they are aware of the valid identification needed to vote.

Council Website Updates

The West Lothian Council’s website has been updated with election-related information and will continue to be monitored and updated regularly in the lead-up to election day. For the latest updates, residents can visit: West Lothian Council Election Information.

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