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Volunteer Friendly Award


​​The Volunteer Friendly Award is a simple, user-friendly quality standard designed by Volunteer Centre Dundee to support, recognise and reward groups who are good at involving volunteers.

​​What is it for?

Volunteer Friendly is about recognising that groups are good at working with volunteers. It’s about helping groups to keep doing what they do well and understand what they could do better. And it’s about rewarding groups for all their hard work with volunteers.

What does it involve?

Each group works through a checklist of tasks, with the help of the Voluntary Sector Gateway West Lothian. The checklist looks at what the group does and how it does it. The group has to produce a folder of evidence to show how it works with volunteers. Evidence could include policies or examples of forms or even photos – whatever is right for the group. There is also a toolkit to help groups who want to improve what they do or fill in any gaps. Once the folder of evidence is complete and has been assessed by the Voluntary Sector Gateway West Lothian, the group gets the Volunteer Friendly Award.

How long will it take?

There is no fixed deadline, but we expect organisations to complete the six steps within 6 to 9 months.

What are the benefits?

Working through the Volunteer Friendly Award gives groups the chance to improve volunteer management practices and procedures. Everyone who uses a group’s services, its volunteers and paid staff, its funders and its management committees, should benefit from Volunteer Friendly.

How might Volunteer Friendly help with funding?

Nowadays most funders look for evidence of good practice in managing volunteers. Having a Volunteer Friendly Award shows funders that your practices have been examined and found to be of high standard.

What do we do if we want to go ahead?

​If you are based in West Lothian you can contact us using the contact methods at the bottom of the page, or alternatively, email or go online to for further information.

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