Community Heat Development Programme – Help for your street with low carbon heat

Published: January 26, 2024


Do you have an idea for a climate-friendly way to heat your community?

If you want your community to go low carbon, support is available from The Scottish Government’s Community Heat Development Programme. Delivered by Local Energy Scotland, it supports communities (including groups of householders and community organisations) to develop their ideas for locally-generated, low and carbon heat projects.

Need some inspiration? Some examples of applications in the pipeline include:

  • Twelve neighbours in a block of flats investigating low carbon options to replace the block’s ageing gas supply.
  • Residents in a tenement block are considering installing ground source heat pumps in its shared ground.
  • A community is looking at the coordinated, collective purchase of air source heat pumps to help make the process smoother for all.

Successful applicants will receive technical support to consider the feasibility of their project idea and will give advice on next steps, including any potential routes for further funding.

Find out about the Community Heat Development Programme and submit an expression of interest today.


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