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Published: June 10, 2024


In an effort to empower organisations dedicated to upholding and advancing human rights in Scotland, the Independent Human Rights Fund for Scotland has unveiled a significant funding initiative. Designed to bolster the efforts of third sector entities striving to protect and promote fundamental rights, the fund is set to provide substantial grants of up to £150,000.

This initiative comes at a critical juncture, as human rights issues continue to impact the daily lives of individuals across Scotland. From combating discrimination to safeguarding civil liberties, the fund aims to address immediate rights concerns that directly affect communities.

What sets this fund apart is its inclusive approach. Unlike many grant programmes, there is no income threshold for eligibility. However, organisations with annual incomes falling below £25,000 or exceeding £250,000 are encouraged to apply in partnership with other entities. Detailed eligibility criteria can be found in the Criteria document available on the fund’s website.

With a generous budget exceeding £900,000, the fund anticipates awarding between 6 to 10 grants to deserving organisations. The deadline for applications is set for the 4th of September 2024, providing ample time for interested parties to prepare and submit their proposals.

Crucially, the Independent Human Rights Fund for Scotland operates independently of governmental influence. This ensures that supported initiatives retain their autonomy and can pursue their advocacy efforts free from external constraints.

Backing this noble endeavour are a consortium of esteemed funders committed to championing human rights causes. The fund receives support from organisations such as the AB Charitable Trust, Binks Trust, Cattanach, Corra Foundation, The Baring Foundation, The Robertson Trust, and William Grant Foundation.

Corra Foundation serves as the host for the Independent Human Rights Fund for Scotland, providing a stable and supportive framework for its operations.

As human rights continue to face challenges both globally and locally, initiatives like the Independent Human Rights Fund for Scotland play a vital role in nurturing advocacy, fostering resilience, and safeguarding the principles of dignity and equality for all.

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