Edinburgh Airport will make up to £140,000 available to local communities

Published: February 13, 2023


Edinburgh Airport is increasing the sum available to local groups, social enterprises, and charities through its Community Fund in 2023.

Up to £140,000 is being made available to local communities this year, an increase on the £100,000 split between 33 different groups in 2022. The funding is being made available to those working to improve opportunities and services available to people in their communities.

In 2023 funds will be allocated during three meetings of the Community Board – in April, August and November – and will ensure the communities neighbouring Scotland’s busiest airport share in its continued success

Groups from across Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife and Falkirk can apply, and as was the case in 2022 there will be a cap of £7,000 on applications.

Priority will be given to applications which reflect the four pillars of the airport’s Greater Good sustainability strategy – Zero Carbon, Enhancing Scotland, Scotland’s Best Business and Trusted Neighbour.

Initiatives could include:

  • the mitigation against, and reduction of, the effects of a changing climate
  • the reduction of negative local environmental impacts
  • the enhancement of local business, community groups and long-term sustainable partnerships in the airport’s surrounding area
  • improving healthy working lives and increasing upskilling and employment opportunities for socially isolated, economically deprived, and disadvantaged persons
  • improving care and opportunity, providing shelter, and enabling the rehabilitation of vulnerable groups in the community
  • local projects alleviating the effects of the cost of living crisis

Last year £33,473 went to projects which fit under the Trusted Neighbour pillar; £24,607 went to Zero Carbon projects; £15,737 went to Scotland’s Best Business projects; and £14,611 went to projects under the Enhancing Scotland pillar. A sum of £11,570 also went to the airport’s corporate charity partner The Larder.

Jessica Briggs, Edinburgh Airport’s Head of Sustainability, said:

“It’s extremely important to us that we’re good neighbours to the communities closest to us and we share the benefits of the airport with others.

“Through an increased Community Fund for 2023 we’re going to be able to help even more local groups, organisations and charities make a difference to the lives of local people.

“The work that goes on in these groups is invaluable, so supporting them is something that we take seriously. With that in mind we’d strongly encourage anyone who’s yet to apply to the Community Fund, and feels their group could benefit, to do so.”

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, chair of the Community Fund, said:

“There are so many brilliant charities, groups and organisations doing amazing work in their communities – work which has a huge impact on the lives of local people.

“I’ve seen how Edinburgh Airport’s Community Fund has been able to support these groups, and at times that support has been critical, so to see the fund increase to £140,000 for 2023 is a really positive step.

“Dozens of different groups received funding in 2022 and we’re looking forward to supporting many more this year. I would encourage anyone who thinks their group could benefit from this support to apply.”


Applications for the 2023 Community Fund are now open and the form can be accessed on the Edinburgh Airport website here.

Any applications received now will be considered at the first meeting of 2023 – in April.

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