EVENT: At the edge – women, vulnerabilities and the cost of living crisis

Published: January 20, 2023


A free event highlighting the impact of the cost of living on women with existing disadvantages such as migration and sexual exploitation

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The cost of living crisis is cause for a considerable and growing concern. Over the past year, the fragile economy recovery from Covid-19 has been negatively affected by the war in Ukraine and subsequently rising costs and inflationary pressures.

The Scottish Women’s Budget Group and the Poverty Alliance have identified the disproportionate impact of the cost of living crisis on women due to existing inequalities across all areas of life. According to them, women are more likely to be ‘living in poverty, have lower levels of savings and wealth and are less able to increase paid work than men due to caring responsibilities’.

The recent Scottish Government report concluded that certain groups will bear heavier financial burden of a cost crisis. These include disabled people, lone parent families, minority ethnic households, people with no recourse to public funds, and individuals with multiple complex needs. It recognised that those belonging to multiple groups will experience compound negative outcomes.

To highlight gendered inequalities and intersecting forms of discrimination – and consider how they are exacerbated by a cost of living crisis – the Women’s Support Project will be hosting a free webinar which will take place on Wednesday 1 February 2023 10 am – 12.30 pm. The event will explore risks to women’s livelihoods and safety, the role of systems – such as no recourse to public funds – the impact on mental and physical wellbeing, and accessibility of services.

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