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Ponton House Trust



Fund status: Closed
Who they fund: Organisations
Funding category: Children and Young People, Disability, Poverty, Young People, social isolation

The Trust looks after a charitable fund from which grants to organisations working with young people in the Edinburgh and Lothian area.

Until the end of 2022, an emphasis will be placed upon supporting families and early years provision, health and wellbeing initiatives for families and children, and overcoming the many opportunity gaps arising from the pandemic affecting low-income households.

The Trust’s traditional focus on young people’s homelessness and employment support is not abandoned, but will have a lower priority in this period. Additional grant support may also be made available for established organisations suffering income reduction or service provision difficulties as a result of pandemic restrictions.

When to apply

The Trust meet quarterly in January, April, July and October. Organisations can apply once a year.


The Trust will not generally provide grant aid for repeat applications, and mainly seeks to support organisations which have limited resources and few assets.

How to apply

Contact Ponton House Trust using the details below

Email address:

Web address:

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