Getting ready for the National Minimum Wage increase

Published: March 27, 2024


HMRC Help and Support state that all employers need to be aware that National Living and Minimum Wage rates are increasing on 1‌‌‌ April‌‌‌ 2024. Also, the National Living Wage will be extended to workers aged 21 and over (previously only for age 23 and over).

All employers should ensure that their workers are paid correctly, according to the new rates. Businesses can take these simple actions to meet their legal responsibilities and avoid falling foul of the law:

  • check the new rates on GOV‌.UK;
  • identify which staff are due the new rate;
  • update payroll and communicate the changes to staff as soon as possible;
  • call the Acas helpline to get advice and support on paying workers correctly; and
  • visit the calculating the minimum wage guidance page to view practical advice.
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