Let’s Be Heard: COVID-19 Inquiry Listening Project

Published: July 25, 2023


The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has launched its new listening project, Let’s Be Heard: Sharing Scotland’s COVID Experience.

The Inquiry is keen to ensure that the views of the people of West Lothian are represented – Let’s Be Heard is inviting everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland to share their experiences with the Inquiry. By hearing directly from people across the country, the Inquiry can better understand how the pandemic impacted people’s lives and communities, and use this information to help Scotland learn important lessons for the future, and make recommendations to Scottish Ministers.

Let’s Be Heard is asking 3 core questions:

  • What were your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What were the impacts of these experiences on you or the people you know?
  • What lessons do you think should be learned from your experiences?

Information on the Inquiry and Let’s Be Heard is available in a range of languages (such as British Sign Language (BSL), Gaelic, simplified Chinese, Polish, standard Punjabi and Urdu) and formats, including information for children and young people, and large print and easy read versions.

If you have already collected people’s experiences of the pandemic in Scotland, as part of a group or organisation, you can send the Inquiry the report of these experiences, and they will include the findings in their work (credited appropriately).

The current stage  of the Inquiry will run until the  end of October 2023.

For further information, including how to get involved, please view or download the Information Sheet as a pdf (linked for your convenience), or visit the Let’s Be Heard website.

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