Let’s Be Heard: Sharing Scotland’s COVID Experience

Published: July 10, 2023


What is the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry?

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry is investigating the devolved strategic response to the pandemic in Scotland between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2022. The Inquiry will establish the facts, identify the lessons that need to be learned, and make recommendations to Scottish Ministers.

What is Let’s Be Heard?

The purpose of Let’s Be Heard is to encourage people across Scotland to engage with the Inquiry by sharing their experiences of the pandemic. To be better prepared for the future, it is important we hear directly from people about what happened to them and understand the lessons they believe should be learned.

The information we gather through Let’s Be Heard between May and October 2023 will help guide the Inquiry’s investigations and inform its reports and recommendations. To achieve this, we need to reach as many people as possible across Scotland, which will help us identify any disproportionate or unequal impacts of the pandemic.

What questions are we asking?

Let’s Be Heard is asking the public three core questions:

What were your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic?
What were the impacts of these experiences on you or the people you know?
What lessons do you think should be learned from your experiences?

How can you share your experiences?

• Visit lbh.covid19inquiry.scot and complete our online form. You can also record your answer to each question as an audio file and upload it to the platform.
• Download an editable PDF form and return to us by email, or print and return by post.
• You can also help someone else to share their experiences, if they need support to
participate. You can tell us you are doing this on the form.

• Contact us to request a paper form with return envelope.
• Limited quantities of paper forms have also been sent to GP practices, pharmacies, public
libraries, care homes and community centres across Scotland.

As part of a group:
• Hold a group discussion and take part as a group, family or organisation. We have an
Engagement Guide to help you do this available online, or you can request a copy.
Let’s Be Heard: Sharing Scotland’s COVID Experience
• We have resources available to help you promote Let’s Be Heard and enable people to
take part. You can use these resources in your newsletter or on your website.
• Members of the Let’s Be Heard team would welcome being invited to attend any group
discussions. If we are able to attend, we can do so to take note and hear people’s
experiences. We would also be happy to answer any questions relating to the Inquiry and
Let’s Be Heard but otherwise we will leave the facilitation to you – we understand you are
best suited to engage meaningfully with your communities or members, and that people
would be more comfortable sharing in that environment.

What different formats and languages are available?

Children and Young People
We have a page on our online platform for children and young people. This includes an online
form and other resources. You can also download the form or request paper copies.

Easy Read
We have a page on our online platform in Easy Read. This includes an online form and other
resources. You can also download the form or request paper copies.

Large Print
The form and other resources are available in large print. You can download these from our
online platform or request paper copies.

We have translated the form and other resources into Gaelic, simplified Chinese, Polish,
standard Punjabi and Urdu. You can download these from our online platform or request
paper copies.
If you would like information in a format or language which is not currently available, please
do contact us.
If you have already collected people’s experiences of the pandemic
If you are part of a group or organisation, you may have already collected information about
people’s experiences of the pandemic in Scotland. You can send us the report of these
experiences and we will include the findings in our work.

How you can find out more

To find out more information about Let’s Be Heard or to request paper copies of forms and
Visit our online platform at: lbh.covid19inquiry.scot
Email us at: LetsBeHeard@covid19inquiry.scot
Write to us at: Freepost SCOTTISH COVID-19 INQUIRY
Leave a voicemail and we will call you back: 0808 175 5555

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