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Published: October 10, 2023


See Me in Work supports employers and individuals to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination in your workplace, whether you’re looking to start small or make longer-lasting change.

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Through See Me in Work, employers can: access advice, tools and support to improve the working lives of employees experiencing mental health problems; encourage an equal and fair recruitment process for those seeking employment; support people to stay in work, wherever possible, and ensuring those returning to work following mental ill-health are fully supported back into the workplace.

Organisations and individuals can engage with See Me in Work in various ways, from choosing to make small changes to reviewing their whole approach to creating stigma-free, mentally healthy workplaces.

The See Me in Work Starter Pack is a suite of resources for employers to take action to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination and start to create a workplace inclusive of mental health, but feels the full programme is not right for them. See Me is Scotland’s Programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.  We are funded by Scottish Government and managed by SAMH and The Mental Health Foundation.

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We recommend you get started by using the self-assessment tool to take stock of existing organisational policies and practices in relation to the seven building blocks identified by the evidence base and reinforced by learning from the See Me programme for creating a workplace environment inclusive of mental health, and free from stigma and discrimination. Doing this will help you to identify where you are already doing well and identify any areas for improvement that need to be prioritised.

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