Musically Active Dudes (MUSAC) are looking for volunteers

Published: May 30, 2024


Musically Active Dudes (MUSAC) are actively seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join their vibrant team. MUSAC is a community-driven organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting musical talent and activities within the local area. They organise events, provide platforms for aspiring musicians, and foster a love for music among people of all ages.

Currently, MUSAC has two key volunteer roles available:

  1. Co-Ordinator: This person will assist the management committee and tutors to run the classes smoothly by helping to arrange the hall and arrange chairs.  We hope to expand the weekly opportunities available for adults with learning and physical disabilities.  The charity runs educational social musical activities for those who are accessing activities in the community.  Some activities can be seen on our Facebook page
  2. Spreadsheet Manager:
    The Spreadsheet Manager will play a crucial role in maintaining the organisation’s data. This includes managing contact lists, tracking event details, and ensuring all records are accurate and up-to-date. Proficiency in spreadsheet software is essential, as well as an eye for detail and organisational skills.
  3. Deputy Coordinator:
    To assist the Co-ordinator in the administrative and practical tasks associated with the smooth operation of weekly Musical Activity Sessions.

Volunteering with MUSAC offers a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the local music scene, gain valuable experience, and be part of a passionate and dedicated team. If you have a love for music and the skills to match, MUSAC would love to hear from you.

Contact Ruth on 07890522864 for an application form or for more information.

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