MyBnk Money Works Sessions

Published: April 29, 2024


MyBnk are a financial education charity delivering financial literacy for young people. They work to achieve this using a suite of programmes that map to the curriculum, engage young people and deliver age relevant content in an interactive and captivating way. MyBnk are currently looking to work with voluntary organisations in the East of Scotland area who connect with young people to share their free Money Works sessions.

Aimed at young adults who are disengaged from education, Money Works is a 2-day fully funded course for 16-25 year olds. It is a financial and digital skills programme for young adults moving into independent living to confront their money worries. This course aims to support young adults living on their own, or about to, who are often in need of survival money management skills and actions they can implement immediately.

Sessions cover:

  • Budgeting and Household Costs: Attitudes towards money, needs & wants, cutting back, budgeting, steps after move in, reading bills, household costs.
  • Your Income: sources of income, wage slips, tax & NI, benefits, universal credit and sanctions.
  • Banking and Being Informed: How banks work, savings and current accounts, interest, forms of payment, choosing an account, understanding contracts, understanding tenancy agreements.
  • Borrowing and Scams: Forms of borrowing, credit history, debt consequences & prioritisation, staying safe with money, understanding what money muling is.

Money Works has a strong focus on embedding digital skills. This includes increasing the access, use, skills, confidence and motivation of young people using digital tools to manage their money, make financial decisions and plan for their future.

For further information, please see the Money Works Scotland leaflet, or visit the MyBnk website.

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