Springfield Community Education Centre


(a) To advance education and to provide, or assist in the provision of, facilities for recreation or other leisure-time occupation, where such provision or assistance in provision – (i) is in the interests of Social Welfare; and (ii) is made with the object of improving the conditions of life of the members of the community in the area of benefit; and for those purposes to associate with the Lothian Regional Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council), voluntary organisations and inhabitants in the area of benefit. (b) To co-operate with the Council and its successors in office in establishing, maintaining and managing any community centre situated in the area of benefit which is provided or grant-aided by the Council in so far as it is established, maintained and managed for the attainment of object (a) of the Association.

Contact details

Phone number:
Springfield Comm Educ Wing 141 Springfield Road
EH49 7SN

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