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The Objects of the “Scottish Veterans Association ” Are :- A. To promote the Military Historical Heritage of Scotland by; 1. Maintaining contact between members of all branches of the Armed Services past and present. 2. Fostering mutual friendship between members and providing opportunities for social gatherings. 3. Fostering comradeship and welfare of the “Association” and preserving the traditions of the armed services in Scotland. 4. To educate the public and service personnel through the researching of Scottish Heroes of bygone years at home and abroad and to hold commemorative Memorial Services in their honour. 5. To promote their deeds through Lectures, Literature also by any other means as to ensure public awareness of the “Association”. 6. To give support and assistance to any other like-minded organisation for the benefit of military veterans. B. To provide relief and support to members of the “Association” as follows; To relieve past and present members of the “Association” and their dependants either generally or individually, who are in conditions of need through hardship or distress.

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New Haig House, Logie Green Road

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