PAS Sustaining Choices Programme for Communities

Published: April 28, 2023


Planning Aid Scotland (PAS) has launched the third round of their Sustaining Choices programme, which is open for applications for the 2023/24 intake.

This programme works with up to 7 community groups each round to create Active and Sustainable Travel Action Plans (including walking, wheeling, cycling and better public transport). PAS aims to work with communities who would most benefit from improved active and sustainable travel.

Sustaining Choices Programme

PAS works closely with communities, via the successful community groups, over a year-long programme of support. This involves delivering training, and supporting community engagement, data analysis, and report writing so that those communities can develop a vision of better walking, wheeling, cycling, and public transport for their areas.

During the programme, community groups will:

  • receive training in community engagement including the PAS SP=EEDtraining and how to use the Place Standard tool
  • plan and deliver a series of inclusive engagement opportunities using the Place Standard tool
  • gather data about community needs and aspirations using the Place Standard tool
  • publish a Sustainable and Active Travel Action Plan for their community with short, medium and long term actions

Community and Community Group Eligibility

In each application, PAS will look at the area’s suitability for the project and whether this project is right for the applying group right now. This is also an opportunity for groups to learn more about the Sustaining Choices programme, and consider if this programme is the right fit for them.

Community Criteria:

Communities must:

  • be within the top 10% of the SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation)
  • and/or be defined as a place of climate disadvantage (ClimateJust)
  • be areas that have either not undertaken recent engagement, or have a poor evidence base to support sustainable transport change

In addition, PAS will select communities where there is an observed need for improved active and sustainable travel, and/or identified physical and environmental barriers, eg. a lack of sustainable transport infrastructure, or heavy reliance on private vehicles.

Match Funding:

Participating groups also need to source around £4,285 in match funding. This goes towards the PAS support on the project including training, project management, data analysis, and report writing. Each group will hold a budget of £1,000 to be spent on inclusive outreach.

Previous Participants

“The engagement has been a very rewarding learning process for us.  Not only have we been able to get a clear understanding of how we might meet our community’s needs for getting about but also the most effective ways to engage with our geographically diverse community. PAS have been hugely supportive throughout the process both as guide and facilitator.”

– Ullapool Community Trust, previous participant (2022 cohort)

Application Deadline and How to Apply

The deadline for applications is 12pm on Tuesday 2nd  May.

To apply, or for further information (including a short information video from Erin Fulton, Project Lead), please visit the PAS website.

Alternatively, contact Erin Fulton by email:

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