Publication of ‘Scotland for Ukrainians: a guide for displaced people’

Published: April 11, 2023


The guidance for people displaced from Ukraine has now been published. You can access ‘Scotland for Ukrainians: a guide for displaced people’ on the Scottish Government webpages now.

This guidance document is a comprehensive guide for displaced people from Ukraine arriving under the Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme. It provides clear information as well as signposting to trustworthy sources to empower displaced people to make informed decisions and to stay safe​. It covers areas such as visas, travel, accommodation, housing options, safety and life in Scotland. It is designed not to duplicate, but to be used alongside, the Welcome Pack for New Scots, which provides all refugees and asylum seekers with general information on building a life in Scotland.

The guidance has been developed through extensive internal and external collaborative work. It has undergone two comprehensive quality review cycles with working directly with Local Authorities, the Third Sector and organisations​ representing Ukrainians.

The guidance is published in English, Ukrainian and Russian on the pages.

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