Seeking new members for the DataLoch Public Reference Group

Published: March 20, 2023


The DataLoch team ( is looking for more people to join their Public Reference Group and increase the range of contributory perspectives. The overall mission of the DataLoch service is to enable improvements in health and social care; the inputs and insights of members of the public are vital in assisting the team achieve their ambition.

Formed by a partnership of NHS Lothian and the University of Edinburgh, the DataLoch team is looking to expand the membership of their Public Reference Group, which is made up of members of the public who are mainly resident in South-East Scotland.

They will be holding an online information event at 12.30pm on Tuesday 28 March for anyone who is potentially interested in joining the group. The event will introduce the DataLoch service and offer the chance for attendees to ask questions about what their potential participation would involve. Places can be reserved through this event-registration link.

More about DataLoch and the information event can be found on their website:

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