Social Business Directory


Social Business Directory to allow suppliers to link with social enterprises within the ESES City Region Deal area.

The directory is open to social businesses across the region who play an important role in their community and are ‘business ready’ for various opportunities that are created during the lifetime of large City Region Deal infrastructure builds.

The Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal (ESES CRD) is a Scottish and UK Government investment programme aimed at accelerating growth, creating new economic opportunities and creating meaningful new jobs to help reduce inequalities. To further the impact of the spend of the ESES CRD projects, we have created this directory to help encourage opportunities within the deal supply chains.


  • Drive forward the Community Wealth Building ethos and ensure spending stays in the local area by linking contractors with social enterprises and socially minded organisations.
  •  Make contractors aware of the organisations and services available in our region, particularly if the contractor is from outside the area.
  • Develop more resilient supply chains within the ESES CRD by encouraging more opportunities for local social enterprises to work with deal contractors

Click here to download the directory

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