Tesco funds priorities schools and groups that provide food and activities for young people

Published: June 15, 2023


Tesco Community Grants funds thousands of local community projects across the UK. The focus of the funding has just changed. The priority for grants is now on supporting schools and organisations to deliver projects that provide healthy food and activities that boost young people’s mental and physical wellbeing.

The scheme provides grants of up to £1500 to local projects across Scotland. It is open to all registered charities and not-for-profit organisations, prioritising projects that provide food and support to young people. If you fit the bill or know an organisation or school that does, please visit the Tesco Community Grants website for further details.

Greenspace Scotland’s team of friendly Community Enablers can support you in applying or answering any questions. Please visit the Tesco Community Grants page to find out more or apply.

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