The Promise Scotland Launches New Website

Published: July 9, 2024


The Promise Scotland has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative, Plan 24-30, through their newly launched website. This comprehensive six-year strategy is designed to address the findings of the Independent Care Review and aims to revolutionise the care system in Scotland.

Plan 24-30 outlines a series of actions and necessary changes to ensure that the commitment made to care-experienced children and families—that every child will grow up loved, safe, and respected—is fulfilled.

The strategy’s primary goals include aiding organisations in developing and aligning their plans, fostering cooperation among various stakeholders, and introducing innovative methods for resource allocation. By doing so, Plan 24-30 seeks to create a cohesive and supportive framework that will significantly improve the lives of care-experienced individuals across Scotland.

The launch of the Plan 24-30 website marks a significant step forward in realising these goals, offering a dynamic and interactive platform for stakeholders to engage with and contribute to the plan.

To explore the Plan 24-30 and learn more about the specific actions and changes proposed, visit the Plan 24-30 website.

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