Updated Guidance for Charities and Voters: Important Updates from OSCR and the Electoral Commission

Published: May 24, 2024


In the run-up to upcoming elections, it is crucial for both charities and voters to be aware of the latest guidance issued by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and the Electoral Commission. These updates provide essential information on campaigning, postal voting, and voter ID requirements.

OSCR Guidance for Charities

The OSCR has released updated guidance specifically for Scottish charities regarding their involvement in political campaigning. This guidance is designed to ensure that charities understand the rules and remain compliant while participating in advocacy and political activities. Key points include:

  • Clarification on what constitutes political activity and how it relates to a charity’s objectives.
  • Guidelines on maintaining neutrality and not supporting any specific political party or candidate.
  • Instructions on how to properly manage resources and funding when engaging in political activities.

For detailed information, charities can refer to the full guidance on the OSCR website here.

Electoral Commission Guidance for Voters

In addition, the Electoral Commission has updated its guidance on postal voting and voter ID requirements. These updates are aimed at ensuring a smooth and accessible voting process for all eligible voters. Important updates include:

  • Detailed instructions on how to apply for a postal vote and the deadlines involved.
  • Information on the types of identification required at polling stations.
  • Steps to take if a voter does not possess the required ID, including how to obtain a free Voter Authority Certificate.

Voters can access the full guidance on the Electoral Commission website here.

These updates are vital for maintaining the integrity and transparency of the election process. Charities and voters alike are encouraged to review and familiarise themselves with these guidelines to ensure compliance and informed participation in the electoral process.

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